You, sir, are a liar, and I have science to prove it.

This has nothing to do with Philadelphia, and everything to do with Denver. linked me to this article from the Denver post, about a claw game using live lobsters. Basically the lobsters are in their tank, you insert $2, and try to win a lobster the way you would try to win a stuffed animal at a carnival. PETA, obviously, is a little peeved about this.

I have no opinion on the claw machine itself. What I do have an opinion on is bad journalism.

The author of the article says “Lobsters, however, are not vegetarians. “Lobsters’ favorite food is lobster,” said Pappas.”

This is pretty much a lie. What bothers me most about it being a lie, is that I read that statement, thought “that doesn’t sound right,” and then spent all of five minutes researching it before finding a credible website to prove him wrong. says here that lobsters only eat each other when in captivity. I.E. Lobsters will only resort to cannibalism when humans capture and starve them.

Somehow I don’t think that “well, lobsters eat each other…because of people like me…” should be this guy’s main argument.

More importantly, why does Al Lewis have a job in journalism, and I don’t?

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One Response to You, sir, are a liar, and I have science to prove it.

  1. stuffed animals are very cute and lovely, i bet that most kids and even women loves them :-;

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